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Crown Point musician making a name for himself with love of vinyl

It’s true much of today’s music seems overly processed, so polished it has lost some of its vitality. Luckily, a growing number of musicians is beginning to buck that trend, taking things back to a more basic structure and, in the process, returning some of the passion to making music. 

One such performer is Crown Point troubadour James Ruelas, whose acoustic guitar-based sound is so vintage authentic that he recently released his debut album, “I Shall Not Be Moved,” exclusively on vinyl, though with a download card. 

The album finds Ruelas playing full band numbers as well as solo material, but in this computer age, why vinyl? 

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Day of the Dead

We are coming upon the season!!!

A new youtube video by the talented Venusocean hit the web today. Black light Day of the Dead tutorial. Take a look, her work is truly hypnotic. Video features two songs by Jimmy Ruelas “Opium Tango” and “Vestapool” both  are on his new album “I Shall Not Be Moved.”